Bold Floral Lehenga: Luquillo, Puerto Rico

This may or may not be me repeating myself, but sunsets hold a very special place in my mind and heart. Whether it's on vacation against beautiful landscapes or the regular drive home from work or even just a peek through the window at home, there's rarely a day when I won't get all googly eyed at the skies turning golden shades of pink. Sunsets in Puerto Rico was all things a sunset should be, and golden hour never looked as pretty as it did from the porch of our Airbnb in Luquillo on our first night in Puerto Rico! I greeted golden hour in this gorgeous floral skirt set that almost seemed made for beach sunset strolls. A contemporary take on the traditional Indian lehenga, I love the little details on the set like the the sequined waistband and the bowtie backed blouse. If you like this set, wait until you check out the rest of the collection at bisouNYC.. it's a print, color and textile dream! The boutique has a wonderful array of South Asian designer apparel and accessories and fellow Indian ladies based outside the US, worry not, for the NYC based boutique ships worldwide! :)

As I watched the skirt ebb and flow with the wind, as if to mimic the waves against the rocks, I felt like my own version of the Little Mermaid, dressed in her finest and headed to the castle with her Prince.. minus the witch and all that subsequent drama, of course. ;) In the world of vivid florals, glittering ocean blues and dreamy sunsets, only happily ever afters exist, right? :)

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend! 
XO Sushmitha :)

                            Outfit: c/o bisouNYC