Fall Florals

Fall Florals 1.JPG

Keeping it short and sweet here today, because I gave in to the temptation of rolling around in these golden piles of leaves, at the price of about 10,000 sneezes. As much as I'm hating my cold, I do love fall fun so much! We drove up to the Finger Lakes nearest to us this past weekend, and the sight of the golden tree-tops across the water made my heart sing like nothing else. Nature is so much magic, don't you think? :)

If there's one fashion trend that is perennial, it is florals. And fall florals have got to be my favorite kind of florals. Moody color palettes lend such a wistful vibe to the usually cheerful and bright take on florals, and it's such a refreshing change when worn in the colder months when neutrals and more serious prints predominate. On gloomy days, I always reach for my florals for an instant mood lift! When looking for a floral piece this time of year, think soft pastels, deep berry tones, dusty greys and pinks or classic black and white. But not to fear, it is entirely possible to wear your bright summer florals too, by pairing them with darker colored pieces to tone them down. For example, a dark blazer over a chiffon floral top or a chunky scarf and boots with a floral dress would make the pieces fall appropriate instantly.

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Fall Florals 3
Fall Florals 4
Fall Florals 5
Fall Florals 6

Two fall closet essentials : a floppy hat and ankle-length booties. I couldn't even begin to tell you how much wear I get out of these!

Fall Florals 7
Fall Florals 8

Some hat-clutching and leaf-catching action for your viewing pleasure. While this wind makes for cute pictures now, it's going to be the death of me in a few weeks' time! Brrrr.

Fall Florals 9

How do you wear florals in the fall? I'd love to know!

Have a fabulous week, and thank you for reading!

XO Sushmitha :)

                                     Dress: Downtown LA Boutique (Love this, this and this one)

                                     Floppy hat: eBay

                                     Ankle-length Boots: Moddeals (Similar here)

                                     Bag: Gift (Similar here)

                                     Lariat Necklace: Macy's (Love this delicate lariat option)