All In The Details

Details 1

Greetings, Gentlefolks! Not sure if its because its Friday or its the fact that the Ebola virus has me living like there's no tomorrow, but I'm in a really good mood! It might also have to do with my Dad making a weekend pit-stop with us as he travels for work and all the cozy fall fun we have planned with him. Staying oceans away from our families back in India, we don't nearly get to see them as often as we'd like.. so visits from them like this one bring so much joy. :)

Talking about what makes me happy, my favoritest-est-est outfits are those with special details. It's these details that set an outfit apart, and allow it to become your own. Buttons, pockets, pleats, cut-outs, embellishments, you name it.. I'm a fan. Put them all in one outfit, and I'm in love. In love with this dress, you guys! The exaggerated leather collar (vegan, of course.) adds such flair and drama, and the zipper, belt and button details in antique gold make it like no other. It almost has a trench dress silhouette, making it very suitable to layer over or under. And don't get me started on the olive green/khaki.. it may just be my favorite fall neutral yet!

Details 2
Details 3
Details 4

For a walk along the promenade in the amazing Naval park on a chilly evening, I layered the dress over a simple turtleneck sweater. While makeup and jewelry took major backseats thanks to the statement dress, I couldn't resist adding some statement accessories that I've been patiently waiting to wear out for a while now. Both fringe and camo are majorly trending this Fall, but I've been wary of both trends as they're so out of my comfort zone. Accent accessories are a great way to test the waters, and I think I may be ready now to tread further, but still lightly, into the two trends. ;)

Details 5
Details 6
Details 7
Details 7

Isn't there something so majestic about a naval ship?! With all my army vibes going on, I might be quite the authoritarian figure on deck, yelling "Hoy, Sailors! Fairweather and clear horizons this fine day!". Ohh, dreams for another life, I suppose. ;)

Details 9
Details 10

That's it for today, folks! But before I begin my countdown to Five-O-Vino time, I wish you all a fun-filled weekend!

XO Sushmitha :)

                  Turtleneck Sweater: American Apparel (Similar here)

                  Dress: Found when traveling (Pricey, but adore this all-white trench dress)

                  Clutch: Local Store (How cute is this floral fringe clutch?!)

                  Heels: Moddeals (Love these Camo pumps)

                  Sunglasses: H&M (Similar here)