Golden Girl at Golden Hour

Passing through with a quick hello and a photo diary that captures the last of these warm summer nights… oh how I shall miss thee, summer! The newest addition to the long list of reasons I adore being wifey to my husband is he lets me dance around, possibly in plain sight to his co-workers, on the gorgeous property along the bay that is his workplace. I’ve now made it a regular habit to tag along on his weekend stop-ins at work, just so I can shamelessly treat the grounds like they’re my own personal seaside resort, complete with a darling golden maxi dress, vacation vibin’ accessories and twirls galore in tow. ;)

It may sound mundane that weekends in the life of us scientists often revolve around work, but if there’s one valuable life lesson years of this has taught me, it’s that it only takes a good attitude to make a fun evening out of the simplest of circumstances. Often, it’s wearing a pretty dress while watching a pink sunset from the lab window on a Sunday but sometimes, you get lucky enough to check off your to-do list just in time to enjoy the warm night outside the confines of those AC doors. :)

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

                     Dress: c/o Love Kuza

                     Hat: Old, Alloy Apparel (Similar here)

                     Bag: Etsy (Eyeing this one next!)

                     Shoes: Thrifted (Cute option here)