Embroidered Bomber + Platform Oxfords: Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Happy Saturday! This particular Friday for me was definitely of the Fri-yay category as I'm writing this en route to.. Colorado! I only recently committed to spend some time in Denver for a conference and needless to say, I immediately roped K in for a bit of extra 'us' time. Visiting the Rocky Mountains this time of the year has been on our fall bucket list for a long time, so we're excited to chase down some golden Aspens over the next week! Expect lots of fall everything on the blog soon after I'm back. :)

Co-incidentally, mountains are also a big part of today's post- the first of two from our time in Yellowstone National Park over Labor Day weekend. Those who have been can attest to the fact that three days are nowhere close to enough to fully experience the vast park, but we decided early on to fully, even if only, explore the Lower Loop, as some of our personal must-sees were part of it. It ended up being the best way to cover the variety of landscapes- from the geysers and hot springs on level ground to snowy mountainous drives at high altitudes. I'm sharing a few highlights below along with my 'outdoorsy' outfit for the day ;) and I'd love to hear of your own experiences at Yellowstone!

The Grand Prismatic Spring
At the top of our must see list and it did not disappoint! The insane colors of the hot spring (created by thermophilic bacteria) are to be seen to be believed.. Standing in the sulfur smoke staring at the rainbow before me counts as one of my personal favorite travel moments so far! Those of us that are biology nerds couldn't stop marveling at nature's wonders. :) Unfortunately for us, the hike to an elevated viewpoint for that iconic aerial view was closed that weekend, but it was an unreal experience nevertheless. Fun/gross fact- If you look closely at the shoe shot below, you can see lots of dead bugs in the boiling hot spring water! They clearly had no idea when cozy got too cozy. :(

Shoshone Lake
We almost drove past this dreamy lake but stopped just in time for a photo sesh. The cloudy skies over the grey waters against the sun lit mountains, I could have stared at it forever!

Grand-prismatic-spring-yellowstone-national-park-travel-guide 8

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone + Lower Loop Falls
The drive through the lower loop gave use some quintessentially Yellowstone moments, but my favorite had to be the sight of lone/herds of bison grazing in endless grasslands. We got a little too close for comfort to them the next day, but it was excitement every time we saw one on this drive! The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone with the waterfalls at the center of the gorge is a pretty majestic sight, and the high iron content in the gorge's rocks gives it a cinnamon red color that's so cool, specially at sunset!

Old Faithful
This is the biggest and hence, most famous, geyser of them all. It's name comes from its faithfully erupting at regular intervals, so make sure you check ahead and time your visit so you can watch the full spectacle!

This first day was relatively the warmest of the weekend, so I wore some light and comfy layers for exploring.  I fully credit our bison spottings to my 'wanderer' tee and I may have taken my intention to be one with nature a little too literally with my embroidered bomber jacket, complete with ombré petaled flowers! ;) Its a tricky thing to keep both form and function in outfits when traveling, but accessories like these platform oxfords and the chic-est velvet + lace choker take away all the effort from it. I have a sneaky feeling they're going to be on repeat all through fall and winter!

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                    Jacket: c/o Dezzal (<$65)

                    Tee: c/o Descriptive Apparel

                     Jeans: Old, DIY ripped (Similar here)

                     Sunglasses: Valley Eyewear via Ditto

                     Choker: c/o Zaful (<$3!)

                      Bag: Flat Iron

                      Shoes: c/o Zaful (<$36)