Ivory Sweater + Floral Skirt: Vail, Colorado

Post one of soooo many from our recent leaf peeping trip to Colorado, you guys.. I hope you're ready for major fall overload!

We flew into Denver late at night and had plans to drive into Vail later the next day, which gave us just the relaxed morning we needed before hitting the road. We beelined it to Jelly Cafe after much brunch research on Yelp, only to find that we were too slow for Denver's hungry morning crowd that made it an hour's wait. Too hangry ourselves for the wait, we ended up at Stowaway Coffee and Kitchen- a sunlit and stunning space with patio tables (priority numero uno!) and a seriously delish yet healthy menu. Downtown Denver is chalkful of interesting murals and after re-introducing Kushal to his photographer duties ;), we made the short 1.5 hour drive into the mountains and into Vail village. 

If you've scrolled through the pictures below, you won't be shocked to hear that it took a mere two minutes of walking into the village for us to be charmed out of our wits! With an old worldly feel that comes from being modeled after European ski towns, Vail village is car-free, pretty at every turn and a visual treat in the fall season. Being the base of the largest ski mountain in Colorado, it's definitely as ski-friendly as it gets, but with nothing but warm sunshine on the ground yet, it was just as laid-back as we were hoping. Lunch al fresco at Pepi's and aimless walks in the shadow of the mountains is what day one of vacations are meant for, eh? :)

With a gorgeous fall day in mind, I dressed in layers. This ivory sweater with a funnel neck and blouson sleeves is a sure-shot cozy staple for the season, and I simply layered it over my favorite summer maxi dress (last styled here) for a breezy bohemian vibe. Fellow boho babes, I wouldn't be doing my duty if I didn't point you towards this absolute steal and beauty of a bag.. best $25 of bag money you'll ever spend, pinky swear. 

Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

                Sweater: c/o FashionMia (Under $17!)

                Dress: Harper Trends

                Sunglasses: Vero Moda (Similar here)

                Bag: c/o TwinkleDeals (Under $24!)

                Shoes: Alloy Apparel (Similar here)