Leaf Print Dress

Since this blog of mine has become a diary of sorts to document the random workings of my mind, let today be the day when I decree that summer is no longer, in fact, a season to me, but a state of mind. *Insert folded hands, zen pose emoji.* As the end of summer aka the dreaded holiday that is Labor Day approaches, I've been training my mind to progress from a state of dreamy denial to warrior strength-meets-saintlike detachment, determined to not let the upcoming brutal Buffalo cold turn me into the evil fire breathing dragon that it usually does. What this means for you is that you shall be seeing a lot more of my happy summer style posts for a while more.. well, until I'm forced to forfeit looking nice to aid North Face's total sales for 2015.. but until then, let's keep the big smiles and fun prints on the go, I say! 

I've been on the tropical print train for a while now, and it's safe to say that this darling leaf print shift dress with it's flutter sleeve and keyhole neck details has all of my heart! For some strange reason, I seem to own and wear a startlingly little amount of the color green, so this happy number has been a welcome addition to my green-deprived dress collection. I wore this look for a fun day out by Niagara Falls with friends, so simple and comfy gold and pearl accessories along with a summery fishtail braid seemed appropriate. If there's any look that feels truly like me, this would be it.. whimsical yet functional, chic yet classic, feminine yet simple. :) 

Reflective aviators = Basically mirrors! Can you spot my talented photographer on one side and my trusty girlfriend in the other? :D 

Thank you for reading, have a great week and I'll see you on Friday!
XO Sushmitha :)

                             Dress: c/o Hutch Design

                             Sunglasses: Ray Ban

                             Earrings: Ebay

                             Bracelet: Gift from India (Love this one)

                             Bag: Thrifted (Similar here)

                             Shoes: Moddeals (Similar here)