#LoveYourShape : Boyfriend Shorts

Happy Friday, my loves! Today, I'm so excited to not only share a personal favorite of all the looks I've worn lately but also to introduce it to you as part of the #LoveYourShape campaign with one of my favorite brands- Alloy Apparel. If you're part of my Insta-fam, then you probably know (and have muttered annoyance under your breath with furrowed brows at the same :P) that I love hashtags, but none more so than those that mediate social change and bring awareness to important causes. Alloy is doing exactly that with this campaign by encouraging women to embrace their natural shape and experiment with style regardless of it via their extended range of denim. Being a petite adult woman, I'm constantly told that I don't 'look my age' or that I 'need more curves'... It's been a relatively recent realization for me that I truly don't 'need' anything except a healthy body that can deliver a dynamite punch the next time I get such misleading advice. ;) Obviously, I was thrilled to get on board with the #LoveYourShape campaign to encourage fellow petites among all other women to accept themselves as they are and moreover, love themselves for it. After all, self love is the most important of them all, isn't it? :) #realtalk

Quite fitting, if you ask me, that I gave up my usual quest for well fitting, petite-friendly clothes for this post and opted for a relaxed summer trend that I've mostly shied away from- Boyfriend Shorts. This light washed pair has the perfect amount of distress and is currently under <$10! Deserving of a point pennywise, am I right?! Playing with proportions and lengths is one of my favorite leg-lengthening tricks, and I know for sure that this blush pink hi-low surplice top is going to be on heavy rotation on short little me, as will be these comfy floral ankle strap heels. Hey, I said I'm okay with my height, but that doesn't mean I'm going to turn away help when it's offered! ;)

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                            Top: c/o Alloy Apparel (Similar here)

                            Shorts: c/o Alloy Apparel (On sale for <$10!)

                            Hat: c/o Alloy Apparel (Similar here)

                            Bag: Hand-me-down from Mom (Love this one)

                            Shoes: c/o Alloy Apparel