Little Floral Dress

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Its a garden party here on the blog today, and everyone's invited! The start of spring brings with it one of my most favorite activities.. that of replacing my dull yet life-saving ( I live in Buffalo, NY. Enough said. ) winter wardrobe with my rainbow colored, life breathing spring/summer wardrobe. I sit in the middle of what looks like a war zone with a Cheshire Cat-like grin on my face, unfolding and admiring the myriad hues that mean summer to me. Over the next few months, my husband Kushal often calls me 'colorful' and I correct him that he means my clothes are. (I never get a response, btw. Not sure if that's good or bad. :-| )

So considering my love for color, it is no surprise that florals are my favorite trend this season. Something about a bright floral print makes everything better! Which is why I think that a Little Floral Dress (LFD) must be on every girl's elite list of must-haves. While I'm sure the girly girls among you are nodding your head at my profound advice, an LFD in a darker color palette, with smaller print or with mixed prints such as stripes, can play to different tastes as well.

Summer Florals1.jpg

I scored this pretty number as part of an end-of-season clearance haul (for $3! ) at Papaya Clothing last year and have patiently been waiting for warm weather & sunshine to finally be able to wear it. On this hot summer day, I chose to let the dress make it's statement, with minimal accessories and natural makeup comprising a subtle cat-eye. I love multicolored pieces such as this one for the countless color pairings it presents. I picked yellow for this look, but I could just as easily have picked any of the other colors in the print to achieve separate unique looks.

  • Point penny-wise: When picking a dress to be a closet staple, one of my criteria is its potential to serve as a separate as well. For example, a blouse layered over the dress on cooler days would make the dress appear as a skirt, while layering a midi or maxi skirt over it would turn it into a tank. Re-purposing has slowly become my strongest money-saving weapon!
Summer Florals4
Summer Florals5

These yellow beauties feel like sunshine on my feet! I'm walking on sunshine (whoa oh)  ...... And don't it feel good !

Summer Florals6.JPG
Summer Florals3.JPG
Summer Florals8

If my rant thus far isn't enough for you to place me in the floral obsessed category, I have a few more posts planned in the near future featuring floral pieces as separates. So stay tuned and I'll hopefully convince you into trying florals if you haven't already!

       Dress: Papaya ( Love this, this and this. The love list for this one is really endless!)

                     Shoes: Payless (Similar here)

                     Clutch: Gift (Similar here)

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

XO Sushmitha :)