Striped Maxi Dress

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If you're a petite five-footer like myself ( I'm actually 5'2", but I'm also a girl well rooted in reality, people.), you probably run from any kind of horizontal stripes like they are the plague. While stripes will always be trendy, they can be quite challenging to style on certain body types. So how am I clothed in said stripes from head to toe, you ask? This candy colored, pretty young thing asked to be friends and I said faaaine, that's how. Oh you know, you sometimes have to take a chance with love and all that. My point being that it sometimes takes stepping out of one's comfort zone to find certain styles to be more forgiving than expected!

It took all of the fun colors and the flattering fit of this Maxi dress to convince me to go for it. Result: This dress is now a go-to summer piece on those lazy days when I still want to look put together! However, a few pointers for the next time you're contemplating a (horizontally) striped purchase.

  • Stripes of uneven widths, such as in this dress, help prevent the wider stripes from creating blocks along your height. If wary, pinstripes or other thin stripes can be a safe start.
  • Stripes are best when worn in lengthy forms (like a Maxi dress or skirt) or in shorter forms (skirt/shorts above the knee or a top), whereas lengths ending at/around the knee can make the legs look shorter. Again, pinstripes are an exception to this.
  • The fit and drape of the piece becomes super important with stripes, as a flattering fit can actually enhance the petite girl's form.
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Striped Maxi 3

This look gave me the perfect opportunity to bring out my newest, most prized accessory: these Christian Dior inspired double pearl earrings! I have been in love with the iconic 'Mise En Dior' design for as long as I remember, but considering that all of my adult life's shopping budget won't cover their cost, these Dior-inspired ones will do very nicely for now.

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Striped Maxi 7

As much as I love the dress, this outfit carries some of my current favorite accessories. The earrings that I just professed my love for surely deserve another mention?! A keepsake from my dear late Grandma, the wicker bag I'm carrying reflects her timeless, classic sense of style (at least some of which I hope to have inherited! Sigh.). This perfect floppy hat (Navy details and a bow? Staaaahp it!)is a gift from a dear friend that knows me and my love for pretty things so well (I miss you, Ann!). So all in all, I must say that this outfit makes me one happy girl!

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Striped Maxi 7

So tell me, are you ready to take on the world of stripes & stripes?? If not, take a deep breath and do it anyway! :-)

    Dress: Boutique in Downtown LA (Love this one, this one and this one)

          Sandals: Target (Similar here)

          Earrings: eBay

          Necklace: Brina Box  (Similar here)

          Wicker Bag: Keepsake from Grandma (Similar here)

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

XO Sushmitha :)