Monochrome In Marsala

Who's excited for Valentine's day next week? K and I are of the philosophy that everyday is a celebration, etc., so we will most likely spend our Saturday as happily as any other. But as always, I'm loving the red and pink saturated feed on all my social media! Gotta get in that crowd while the time is still right ;), so stay tuned to this little corner as I bring you my take on Valentine's Day looks later this week and all of next week. My hope is, that amongst us, more than a few heads will be turned on the 14th! ;) #killthemboys

So, Pantone has announced that 'Marsala' is 2015's color of the year. If you're not a wine snob like me, Marsala is a type of Italian red wine, so those of you running on the recent burgundy/bordeaux wave are ready to go. I for one, am ALL about the marsala right now. If you've kept up with my posts this Fall, you'll know that my closet's more than prepared, and as for the wine.. erm, enough said. 

I've been wanting to try the monochrome trend for a while now, and was pleasantly surprised that this outfit didn't make me look like a short and fat wine flask. The key with monochrome outfits is to focus on incorporating two or more different textures. I have a knit sweater, leather pants and a wool fedora in my outfit, each of which adds a separate texture as well as interest to the look. This Pink Blush fuzzy cardigan is feeding my current obsession with fuzzy knits! I love how cozy and warm it is, and the burgundy + white stripes break up the single color just the right amount. 

Have you tried the monochrome trend yet? :)

Thank you for reading, and have a great week!

XO Sushmitha :)

                           Fuzzy Cardigan: c/o Pink Blush

                           Sweater: Borrowed from the Hubs

                           Faux Leather Pants: H&M

                           Hat: H&M

                           Necklace: Amazon

                           Sunglasses: Amazon 

                           Boots: Moddeals