Mountain Gypsy: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Happy Monday, you fine folks who happen to be readers of my blog! I'm so excited to share with you today the place that turned out to be the highlight of our entire Puerto Rico trip- Cabo Rojo. The southwestern tip of PR, the city is an easy road trip from any part of the island and from firsthand experience, I can say the drive from Luquillo (where we stayed for the first half of the trip) to Cabo Rojo is simply stunning! We made a pitstop at Guavate (post on that coming soon!), but no matter which part of central PR you're passing through, you're likely to encounter 360 degree views of lush rainforest covered hilltops on every side and if like us, will be pulling over more than a few times to stop and stare. It was only the start of what was to be a whole day of visual feasting, because these photos do no justice to the views that greeted us in Cabo Rojo!

Our specific destination in Cabo Rojo was the Los Morillos Lighthouse, famous for it's views of seaside cliffs and majestic natural stone formations in the Caribbean Sea. While researching our itinerary, we repeatedly came across phrases like 'best beach in PR' and 'the most well kept local secret' associated with Playa Sucia (or La Playuela, pictured above) at the base of the lighthouse, so of course this beach baby had to see it for herself! ;) I can now report that Playa Sucia was all that and more.. think velvety soft sands, mint green waters, secluded almost-private access.. simply perfect.  After the playful waters of the Atlantic Ocean in Luquillo, the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea were just the refreshing change we needed!

A short hike up the hill from the beach led to the lighthouse, and while its a lesson in Spanish history in itself, what stole our hearts was the breathtaking views from the top (pictured below). We settled down on the rocks for the evening to witness the most beautiful sunset ever, but not before we snapped a few quick photos of my outfit, of course! ;) When I saw pictures of this location while researching it on the web, I knew I had the perfect outfit to wear while there- this bohemian tie-dye swing shirtdress. It danced around so prettily in the sea breeze, made for the best lightweight coverup after the beach and paired so well with these cutout grey booties that I picked out for the short hike. Once I put on my feather head wrap tiara, I couldn't help but heed my mountain gypsy queen vibes and twirl around at what felt like the edge of the world. :)


Pro Tips: Parking for the beach and the lighthouse is the same and is free. Take the route that reaches the lighthouse from the right for better views. Carry lots of bug repellent up the hill.. it can get nasty!

Have a wonderful week ahead, thank you for reading and stay tuned for more travel posts!
XO Sushmitha :)

            Beach look details: Beach Towel, Starfish Barrette, Barefoot Sandals

                           Head Wrap: c/o Harper's Trends

                           Dress: c/o Jane Divine

                           Shoes: c/o Jane Divine