Winter Skincare Regimen

Y'all need no telling that winter is NOT my jam, but at the top of the long list of the pieces of my life that take a beating during it is my skin. Whether or not you have naturally dry skin like I do, daily exposure to cold temperatures can really sap the skin of all moisture and leave it wanting hydration. For several years, I used to be the ignorant fool that categorized skincare with beauty, and the lazy girl that did absolutely nothing about either of those. Then, I moved to Buffalo. My first northeast winter, my already malnourished skin cracked and scaled up so bad that my hitherto funny arsenal of reptile jokes for Kushal no longer made him laugh. :| My point being that I've been in dire need of some deep moisturizing skincare since, and thought that a blog post was in order as I've finally found what may just be a permanent solution to my winter skin problems! Before I get into specifics, two things- 1. This is my first wellness/beauty post and I'd love your feedback on wanting more or less of these, 2. We picked the brightest spot in our home to shoot these images, but just so I really drive the point home, winter sucks and there's no sunshine and you may have difficulty reading labels on products and please refer to links below. K thanks. 

Premier Dead Sea almost instantly piqued my interest with their huge range of skincare made with all natural ingredients- minerals and salts that we know of as abundant in the natural wonder that is the Dead Sea. Concentrated in salts of potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and iodine along with natural fats and plant extrcts, the products are designed to replenish and renew skin composition, no matter skin type or it's pigmentation. The set I received has three products that I've been using as a 3-step nightly skin routine. 

1. Supreme Cleansing Cream- I wash my face and while damp, I apply this gentle cleansing lotion onto my face in circular motions. After leaving it on for a few mins (I listen to my favorite song to keep time!), I wipe it off with a thin face-wipe. It contains chamomile extract to soothe the skin, plant stem cells to promote renewal of skin cells and a mixture of almond oil + Vitamin E to nourish the now receptive skin.

2. Minerals-To-Go-Active Nourishing Cream-  I then take a small amount of this cream and pat it onto my cleansed skin with my fingertips. It has an instantly cooling effect, because of the Aloe Vera it contains, along with several Dead Sea minerals that replenish and balance the skin. 

3. Minerals-To-Go-Active Nourishing Facial Mask- I then apply the mask onto my face and leave it on overnight, letting the ingredients truly get absorbed. The mask contains the super hydrator Kaolin, and it's so light and non-greasy that I applied it under my concealor + foundation on the weekend and it felt and looked no different than my usual face moisturizer! Running errands with a face mask on? Yes, please! :)

I've been following this three step routine for a little over a week now, and I can already tell that my skin is less dry than it used to be. It's recommended that you follow the routine twice a day, so I'd imagine that I'd see faster results if I were to do so. Of the three products, I especially like the facial mask as it truly hydrates, thanks to the Kaolin packed into it. I'm going to continue this routine for a few more weeks, so I'll be sure to keep you guys posted on long term effects. In turn, I'd love to hear of any solutions fellow dry skin sufferers may have found.. is there any product you've tried that's been helpful? Leave me a comment below. :)

Thank you for reading and I'll see on Friday with a new post from Puerto Rico!

                 Skincare line: c/o Premier Dead Sea

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