Origami Skort

Origami Skort 1

Modus Operandi around this time of year: Go into major overdrive and pull out all the stops on summer dressing. I'm a scrambling fool trying to load on as many summery favorites as I can into any single outfit whenever I dress, and the result isn't always the prettiest. But hey, when the sun's as much of a rare commodity as it is up here in the North East, a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do! On this particular day, the mister's compliments deemed my process a success, so of course the DSLR accompanied us on our coffee date. ;)

So Zara made the world's best business decision with the skort (skirt + short, if you're having a difficult day. I know I'm having one, um, everyday.) that released in early 2013, because who can resist looking chic and being able to sit cross-legged in the same outfit?! But before I knew it, the standard white/black Zara skort was on every pretty girl I saw, so I had my eyes peeled for something different for the longest time. And was I glad I did, because I'm peachy keen on this peach number for many more summers to come!

Origami Skort 2
Origami skort 3

The asymmetric hemline on this 'envelope' or 'origami' style of skort works so well on petites.. it's such a great variation to the standard leg lengthening mini skirt/dress or shorts. While I paired it with a ruffled floral top in my over-compensatory enthusiasm, there are so many ways to wear it! A cute crop top will work just as great if you want to show off a slender waist, a graphic tee + moto jacket combo can crank up the edge considerably, and plaid/gingham in either the same or a contrasting color palette can transition you nicely into Fall.

Origami skort 4
Origami Skort 5
Origami skort 6
Origami Skort 7

Location scouting is arguably the most frustrating yet most enjoyable parts of blogging for me! Throughout my constant search for new and exciting backdrops for pictures, this reflecting pool we stumbled upon has to be my current favorite. While the light was too harsh around the time that we shot these pictures, I included a couple of pictures just to show you guys the gorgeous 3D effect the reflection created. I'm surely going back here for future posts!

Origami Skort 8
Skort 9.JPG

What do you think of the tennis skirt turning fancy chic? Leave me your thoughts below! :)
Thank you for reading, and have a fabulous week!
XO Sushmitha :)

                                                        Top: Local boutique (Similar here)

                                       Origami Skort: eBay (Love this printed version)

                                                   Shoes: Make Me Chic (Similar here)

                       Tortoise Shell Necklace:  Groopdealz (Love this one)

                    Tortoise Shell Sunglasses: Amazon (Similar here)

                                                   Clutch: Gift (Similar here)