Feathers 1

If you've been reading my blog, you know I'm a complete sucker for colorful and/or whimsical prints. If you're a new reader, I shall refer you to this post, this post and this post. Clearly, I need to be color tamed and most definitely, you're secretly happy that you're days away from seeing pictures of the color-illiterate eskimo version of me (Read: snowsuit weather coming soon! Ugh.). But in my defense, this dress looks like the all of the Birds of Paradise had a meeting and decided to thank me for spreading kindness in the world with rather personal souvenirs, and it would be so ungracious to refuse such a gift. ;)

Generally, I introduce a trend and try to help fellow petite, budget-conscious ladies wear it the best way you can. But not today. Today, I'm telling you to forget the trend, wear what makes you feel good and let the happiness of a long weekend that's almost here (For my Indian readers, your long weekend is not over yet! :) Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! ) sink in. In more fashion-worthy terms, I'm declaring neon feathers to be my unicorn metaphor. If you haven't gotten my clever irony yet, birds of a feather flock together.. but its A-okay if you don't feel like flocking.. you get it now. Because sometimes, we need to let our mood decide what we wear, or let our crazy friends pick out an outfit or just wear the mister's favorite. So, whether its sweatpants or stilettos this weekend, let's just make sure we're having fun wearing them!

Feathers 2
Feathers 3
Feathers 4
Feathers 5
Feathers 6
Feathers 7

Speaking of stilettos, these turquoise beauties from Moddeals have been bluew-ing my mind lately. I highly recommend checking out their site for plenty of other cute, extremely affordable footwear!

So to all my dear neon feathers that flock or don't, have yourselves a safe and fun Labor day weekend! I know I'm in dire need of one last weekend of summertime sippin' and sunshine before it officially ends!

Thank you for reading!

XO Sushmitha :)

                                          Dress: Local Store (Similar here)

                                         Shoes: Moddeals (Similar here)

                                      Earrings: H&M (Similar here)

                                    Necklace: H&M (Similar here)

                                         Clutch: Thrifted (Similar here)