Oversized 1

As another week draws to a close, I’m amazed at how quickly time is passing! I was ranting and raving excitedly at the arrival of fall what feels like just yesterday, and it’s suddenly time for Halloween and the multitude of festivities that are about to follow in the coming months. Speaking of festivities, happy Diwali to all my Indian readers! I can't wait to get home tonight and plan a festive weekend full of lights, yummy food and Skype conversations with our families. Oh and a pumpkin patch, of course! Can't be a fashion blogger and not go to a pumpkin patch.. Pssh. #locationscouting24x7

I wore this look last week on an increasingly rare sunny day out,  and it could not have served better in my confused efforts to stay warm and soak up some sun. Insert GIF of me taking the cardigan off and on non stop. Yup, exactly like that. My comedic hand actions aside, I like to think I looked alright.. all thanks to this oversized, metallic gold cardigan. Oversized everything is a huge trend this season, and I've been quietly watching all of my favorite street style stars rock oversized coats, sweaters and such for a while now. As envious as I was of their ability to pull off the trend, my petite-conscious style sense has been whispering caution every time I think of wearing the trend myself. However, I can now safely report that petite ladies can definitely rock oversized, the key being to balance it out with structured and fitted pieces. I bought this Kasper drape cardigan more than a year ago in a size L (so trust me when I say it's oversized!) with plans of altering when I fell in love with the metallic antique gold and with the fact that it was under five bucks. However, as it always happens, it's been sitting ignored in my closet until recently, when I made up mind to style it as an oversized outerwear piece.

Oversized 2
Oversized 3
Oversized 4

Almost unbelievable now, but I was totally averse to anything gold until just a couple of years ago! Not anymore, Mom, not anymore.

A big accessory trend this fall is hand jewelry, and the palm bracelet has got to be favorite new hand piece! Edge meets delicate.. always the best combination.

Oversized 5
Oversized 6
Oversized 7
Oversized 8
Oversized 9
Oversized 10

Have you tried the oversized trend yet? Tell me your way of wearing it! :)

Have a fun weekend, and thank you for reading!

XO Sushmitha :)

                                      Oversized Cardigan: Kasper (Love this cozy knit option)

                                      Black Sweater: JCPenney (Similar here)

                                      Printed Corduroy Pants: H&M (How cool is this pair?)

                                      Bag: Thrifted (Bigger option here)

                                      Ankle-length Booties: Store in Downtown LA (Similar here)

                                      Necklace: Thrifted (Similar here)

                                      Palm bracelet: eBay

                                      Pearls & Leaves bracelet: Hubs' gift from travels