Layering 101

"Luxury to me is not about buying things; It's about living in a way where you appreciate things." - Oscar De La Renta


Layering 101 1

How does it go, Amigos? You hit the ground running this week, I hope. Me? I've been slipping and sliding so far, but I guess that's better than what I can claim most weeks. #scienceishard  While I gain some ground over the next few days, you can be sure I'll be revisiting today's post's pictures more than once. Apples, cozy layers and my deceptive smiles while my face is freezing off.. just a few things making me happy right now. :)

My mantra for cold-weather dressing is, as I'm sure is every smart and fashion-conscious western New Yorker's mantra right now: Layer Up. With weekly drops in temperature progressing  oh-so-steadily towards the big 0, I'm piling on the layers for dear life! Any petite woman will relate when I say that this is not easy for us tiny people! It pretty much takes zero effort to get lost under several layers of clothing and look bulky and shapeless. Which is why, I thought I'd share one classic layering combination that works like a charm all the time. Here's the formula: Shirt + Tee + Sweater = Warm as a Fire Log. It's really that simple! (As it gets colder, I'm going to be adding a layer of thermals for extra insulation too.)

Layering 101 2
Layering 101 3

The best part is, with the many different options of each of the three basic pieces that you may own, the combinations can be endless! A peacoat over a graphic tee over a pinstriped shirt, a cableneck sweater over a floral tee over a classic white shirt.. oh, the possibilities! In my outfit, I'm playing with prints by mixing stripes and florals, as well as textures with the chambray, cotton and wool. Two birds with one stone! ;)

Layering 101 4
Layering 101 5
Layering 101 6
Layering 101 7
Layering 101 8
Layering 101 9
Layering 101 10
Layering 101 11

Can you tell we're going to be busy in the kitchen whipping up an apple storm?! Yum, yum, yum!

If you have any layering advice or tips, I would love to hear! Stay tuned for more layered outfits through the rest of the season!

Thank you for reading, and have a great week!

XO Sushmitha :)

                                 Chambray Shirt: Target (Similar here)

                                 Striped Tee: FabKids (Love this one)

                                 Black Denim: Forever21

                                 Black long Cardigan: Banana Republic (Really like this option)

                                 Floral Scarf: H&M (Similar here)

                                 Bag: H&M (Similar here)

                                Shoes: Talbots (Love this pair)