Pastel Chevron

Pastel Chevron 1

So, Im clearly in denial that time is ticking towards Fall. While everybody's in end-of-summer, so-excited-for-Fall mode starting to wear darker hues and booties, I'm digging my heels in, wearing pastels and calling it Spring (Small secret to my peeps: Pastels are trending this Fall as well... woot, woot! ). Pastels are a personal favorite trend; the light and pretty color spectrum has an instant soothing, refreshing effect on my mood. And my mood can use some refreshing when it's nearing September. ;)

One of my favorite ways to wear Pastels is in a multicolored piece, as monotone pieces in some light colors can end up looking dull on skin tones such as mine. Monotone looks in certain colors such as baby blue and blush pink generally work on most complexions but being the colorful dresser that I am, I prefer these colors in combination. This chevron striped maxi skirt gets a 10/10 pastel score, with all the colors perfectly blending in to create such an easy, breezy look.

Pastel Chevron 2
Pastel Chevron 3
Pastel Chevron 4

Amidst all this talk of pastels, can we take a moment and thank the blessed individual that wove together the first Chambray shirt, please? Not only is it a wardrobe essential as my ultimate go-to for any casual occasion whatsoever, it is also the best layering item in my closet. The waist-tie technique of wearing any button-down shirt works great to accentuate the petite girl's waist. I often use it to hide a not-so-well-fitting bottom (Damn the 0P always selling out first!) or much more commonly, gluttony at Sunday brunches. ;)

Pastel Chevron 5
Pastel Chevron 6

Let's talk about Statement Necklaces for a sec, shall we? As a self confessed hoarder of these, I use any opportunity to proudly display one of my beauties. I love how effortlessly a single piece of jewellery can elevate a simple outfit, instantly adding sophistication and glam to make the look your own. The one I'm wearing is from. . . . Claire's! Yes, that colorful corner in the mall that us adults reserve specially for the Pink loving, Cinderella costume wearing category of little girls. Well, I shut my judgy alter ego up on one of their clearance sale days, and was I glad I did, because I think I walked out with enough statement necklaces to open my own store! Even the cashier girl looked incredulously at my bill, saying "I don't know why they're making me sell such gorgeous jewellery for so less!"! So the next time you see a sale sign on their door, make sure you take a peep!

Pastel Chevron 7
Pastel Chevron 8

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

XO Sushmitha :)

                                               Tank: Forever 21

                              Chambray Shirt: Target (Love this one )

                                       Maxi Skirt: Sears (See below for more of my pastel maxi picks)

                                                Bag: Vintage (Thrifted, Similar here)

                                         Sandals: Target (Similar here)