Tropical Shift

Tropical Shift 1

Hello from the Tropics, good folks! Me and the Toucan are adventuring in the jungles today, and you're welcome to join our little party!

Fashion is almost synonymous with playing pretend, don't you think? Nothing beats the feeling of recreating whatever is taking my fancy on a certain day in an outfit. More often than not, I'm dreaming of traveling to all of the exotic lands our wonderful world is made of. Until the next time that I find myself in a tropical paradise, no better way to keep the dream alive than wearing it! Talk about wearing one's heart on the sleeve! ;)

The Tropical Print trend has hogged the spotlight this Summer, with flora, fauna and wildlife inhabiting every article of clothing possible. I mean, the palm fronds are just out of control ! And who's laughing at those Hawaiian shirts now, I ask? Not me for sure.. I may just be borrowing my Dad's the next time I see him. As ridiculous as it seems to be looking like an Ad for an island vacation, tropical prints do lend a relaxed, cool vibe that's perfect for summer. If you're petite and fear that a bold print may be too overpowering, here are a few pointers:

  • Treat it like any other print: Pick a single printed piece such as a top or a skirt, and tone it down with neutral pieces and accessories.
  • Pick a color palette that balances the bold print. My dress has a pastel color backdrop that reigns in the colorful print, making it much more wearable than say, if it had a darker color in the background.
  • There's hope even for the super shy! Try a small tropical accent, such as in a scarf, headband or shoes. You'll be surprised at how addictive and fun it is.
Tropical Shift 2
Tropical Shift 3

As a complete novice to make-up and beauty trends, I did muster enough courage to try the super popular Orange lip. Rather surprisingly, I kind of like this orangish-red and have been reaching for it more than expected!

Tropical Shift 4
Tropical Shift 5
Tropical Shift 6.JPG

H&M knocked the tropical trend out of the park with their Conscious Collection last year , featuring this shift dress among other adorable pieces. I was unable to snag one at the time, but as always, eBay to the rescue! 

Tropical Shift 7
Floral Shift 8

Have you spread your wings and tried this fun trend yet? :)

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

XO Sushmitha :)

                                                 Dress: eBay (Love this, this and this one)

                                                Clutch: Tory Burch

                                             Bracelet: Necklace as bracelet (Gift from India)

                                             Sandals: Target (Love this option)