Peplum Plume

Peplum plume 1

There's nothing quite like the challenge of re-purposing summer pieces to be worn in the Fall. It takes all of my will power to pack away my colorful summer wardrobe, so I try to squeeze every last bit of wear out of it before bidding the final adieu. This usually means wearing whatever summer outfit has taken my fancy on the day irrespective of the weather and carrying an extra large bag with a hoodie and a scarf for when I inevitably get cold. Not the best decision for me or the husband, let me tell you. Which is why I have had to get creative with my layering skills during the transition period in early Fall when cute and cozy have to become one.

For the first layered look of the season, I'm playing with what should be any petite woman's closet staple: Peplum. I say that because peplum, if well-fitted such that the flare is exactly at the waist (I like it just at the belly button), accentuates the waist considerably and can be the easiest way to create the illusion of an hourglass form. It's also very versatile. . thrown it over denim to instantly dress it up, wear it over a flared skirt to achieve that double-flared look, or wear it over a pencil skirt for a playful yet office-friendly outfit.

Peplum plume 2
Peplum peacock 6.JPG
Peplum plume 4
Peplum plume 5

Can you tell these are two separate tops?! I love how seamlessly the lace peplum layered over the floral peplum to amp up the flare and add so much movement. Makes one think of pretty peacocks and their plumes of pride, no? As little as I own pieces in Pantone's Color of the Year for 2014, radiant orchid, this lace peplum top in the color has been and will always be one of my most worn pieces. Also, check out the above-the-waist Marilyn Monroe-esque action going on below! ;)

Peplum plume 5
Peplum plume 7
Peplum plume 8

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The Vane launch party

As always, Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

XO Sushmitha :)

                                Denim: Forever21 (Similar here)

               Lace peplum top: Aeropostale (Similar here)

              Floral peplum top: H&M (Love this for Fall)

                                 Shoes: Nine West (Thrifted) (Love this black pair)

                                    Bag: Amazon (Similar here)

                   Statement ring: Flea Market (Similar here)