Pink & Blue

Pink & Blue 1

Aren't we all familiar with those wickedly hot days when the mercury's high enough to make one wish to go back in time to a simpler life in palm leaf skirts? Well, it was exactly such a day in Pittsburgh where Kushal and I visited friends this past weekend! While I'm all about stocking up on my Vitamin D, trying to look socially acceptable while the cells in my body slowly suffocate and die, does get kind of annoying. Until I discovered the magical combination of a crop top and high-waisted shorts. Ventilated and cute? Hard to resist.

Crop tops have been a sensation since two seasons past, and they show no signs of leaving! As my third installment in Florals 101 is this little summery crop top in a cut that resembles but is much more relaxed than a bustier. Pairing it with high-waisted, airy cotton shorts revealed only a slight sliver of belly; Unexpectedly so, I was super comfortable on a fun day in the sun exploring the 'Burgh. For the more modest, sleeved crop tops can be worn with high-waisted pants or skirts, even eliminating any show of skin at all if worn high enough. High-waisted bottoms are also a popular trend this season, and I have found them to particularly enhance the petite girl's form, elongating the legs by elevating the waist. Along into a pair of heels, an illusion of long legs and a slender waist is created.. now, whats left to complain about?!

Pink & Blue 2
Pink & Blue 3
Pink & Blue 4

We shot these photos on the gorgeous premises of the Carnegie Mellon Museum of Natural History. How pretty are the dancing fountains behind me? :) Talking about pretty, so in love with these earrings I found on eBay! Repeat offender status = Acquired!

Pink & Blue 5
Pink & Blue 7
Pink & Blue 8
Pink & Blue 9

Have you tried either or both of these trends? Has the summer heat gotten the better of you like it has of me? :)

Thank you for reading and have a great week!
XO Sushmitha :)

                                                          Crop Top: Wet Seal (Similar here and here)

                                                               Shorts: Forever 21 (Similar here, Love this and this printed version)

                                                             Earrings: eBay

                                                                Clutch: Thrifted (Love this option)

                                                                Shoes: H&M (Similar here)