Summer Whimsy

Summer Whimsy 2

If anyone in the Western New York area saw an awkwardly prancing adult-child with a grin on her face slightly resembling Abu's upon seeing Aladdin this past weekend, that would have been me (See last picture for evidence). I credit some of that joy to the sunshine, but mostly to this outfit you see me wearing. You know how they say that style is an expression of the self, what you wear is who you are and such? Well, this dress is me in sewn-and-stitched form, you guys. A good-girl dress with snark, whimsy and quirk is just my thing.

While fun, quirky prints are very trendy this season, some pieces that resonate so strongly with one's personality are timeless. But nevertheless, much to my happiness, whimsical prints such as the cartoon print on this dress show no signs of leaving the fashion scene anytime in the near future. This particular print is reminiscent of French blogger Garance Doré's retro, quirky capsule collection for Kate Spade in 2012 that I absolutely adored, so I was over the moon when I found this beauty for a fraction of the price on Choies about a year ago.

  • Point penny-wise: When shopping online, I have one single strategy: Watch the item like a hawk for as long as it takes. Most things invariably get marked down and sometimes, I take full credit for having willed the price to go down! :D
    For example, I watched this dress on Choies's website for a couple of months (and fervently prayed for my size to stay available!) and eventually bought for $10.99, at about 80% off!
Summer Whimsy 3
Summer Whimsy 1
Summer Whimsy 4

If you're interested in the daily on-goings of the folks of dressland, it is to dress up, socialize in okay-ish french and repeat. I think I would fit right into their world! ;)

Summer Whimsy 5
Summer Whimsy 6
Summer Whimsy 7
Summer Whimsy 8

Here is the previously mentioned evidence of said tomfoolery. Barefoot, too! It is on such days when I truly love clothes and shoes and things. When they can be conversation starters and happiness inducers.

Summer Whimsy 9

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                             Dress: Choies (Adore this version in the same print)

                            Shoes: Anne Klein via Lord & Taylor (Similar here, Love this colorblock pair)

                                Belt: Charlotte Russe (Similar here)