Printed Flares

Greetings from Chicago, my peeps! My fourth day of five attending the annual Society For Neuroscience Conference, and boy, am I beat and ready to go home, you guys. Being at a scientific gathering such as this one always inspires feelings of excitement at the slow but steady progress made by the field of neuroscience and pride at the dedication and solidarity displayed by fellow scientists, but it also overwhelms like nothing else! Feelings akin to a miniscule dust mite abound as I watch talks by Nobel laureates, walk the same halls as thousands of accomplished peers and realize all at the same time how much is being done and how much doing remains. It is with these somber thoughts that I've been stuffing my face with all the deep dish pizza and Garrett's popcorn (holy yum!) that I can find, because even under dire circumstances, a girl's gotta eat, right? ;)

Even as I go about my neuroscientist duties in pencil skirts and blazers this week, I'm happy to share with y'all the third and final post in the Cheeky Peach fall trend series, in which I urge you to go get yourself a pair of printed flares right NOW. Yes, it's hippie-meets-bohemian and mentally transports you to the time of Woodstock whether you like it or not, BUT.. it hides a layer or two of thermal insulation so, so well. That has indeed become a game changer since the first official snowfall has now occurred back in Buffalo. You'll also be one chic snow (or sun!) stomper when you step out in them, and who doesn't want that? :)

Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

                           Sweater: Old, Thrifted 

                           Pants: c/o Cheeky Peach

                           Necklaces: Assorted

                           Bag: Thrifted 

                           Shoes Unlisted by Kenneth Cole via DSW