Victorian Lace

'Twas a sunny fall day when the casks were opened and the heady wafts of Merlots, Chardonnays and Bordeauxs greeted us...
This, of course, is the opening line to the mini-novella I could write on the solitary, most perfect day the hubs and I spent a few weekends ago wine tasting at Spring Lake Winery, but I shall make do with a happy rant right here! Although the Rosé was excellent and the weather was perfect, I mostly remember K and I giggling over silly jokes and long conversations on a bench overlooking the lake.. Aren't days like that to be lived for? :) While the choice to wear a white blouse with a Red in hand wasn't the wisest, the decision to wear sturdy denim skinnies was quite right, as I happened to discover when I slipped and fell as per my usual klutzy self. :-| But, I digress.. as the second post in the fall trend series with Cheeky Peach, let's talk about everything Victorian- mock high-necks with sheer and ruffled details, black and white layers, luxe fabrics like lace and velvet, vintage corsets and deep earth tones, among other decadent hallmarks of that long gone era. Seeing that white lace was a favorite of Queen Victoria herself, I thought this high-necked shell was an appropriate, albeit simple, nod to the time. What do you think? :)

As always, thank you for reading and have a fabulous weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                              Top: c/o Cheeky Peach

                              Jeans: Forever 21

                               Bag: Zara (Gift)

                               Shoes: Target