Relaxed Vibes: Laser Cut Sweatshirt + Ripped Jeans

Whaddup, my friends? I can go right ahead and introduce today's cool girl look, but for you to appreciate exactly how cool it is, I have to share some realness from the awkward highlight reel that happens to be my life. If you read my blog, you may have noticed that I do very little with my face and hair.. skin care's as much makeup as my face gets, and my hair care routine involves shampoo and conditioner and not much else. While I'm trying to get better at hair & makeup routines (now that I'm apparently what they call a fashion blogger!), I doubt I'll ever get over my true dislike for anything that requires the application of heat to my hair. I have a ginormous fear of my already thin hair just breaking and falling away while I sleep. Not kidding, you guys. So naturally, when I washed my hair, threw on this outfit and walked out the door on an errand run this past weekend sans hair dryer, the 10 degree weather fondly smiled at me and turned my wet hair into ice. Shivers, curses, scalp goosebumps if they exist.. you can imagine the rest. The struggle is real, and my hair has ice in these pictures.  *face palm maxxx*

My winter misadventures aside, I'm very, very slowly starting to incorporate elements of Spring fashion into my outfits. As you can tell from the view outside the glass in these pictures, there's way too much snow on the ground for me to step outside without my trusty puffer coat on top, but I'll take the smug self satisfaction that I'm wearing pretty things underneath.. for now. Lucky for me, this Liberty Sage sweatshirt with the prettiest floral laser-cut neck and sleeve detailing happens to be the perfect piece to transition into Spring! I love a basic piece with unique details to set it apart, and this one is exactly that.  The other half of my outfit is the perfect pair of ripped boyfriend jeans from Wellbinder. I normally never buy pants without trying them on first, but these jeans fit just right (and that's from someone that's a self confessed crease hater!). I love rips as much as anyone but hate the cold air leaks like no other, so I layered thermal tights underneath to keep my legs cozy and warm.. You could even layer patterned or lace tights for a fun peekaboo effect! 

Pairing the bold pattern on the sweatshirt with a similar but subtler pattern in these Mint & Lolly earrings. Pattern play is one of my favorite things, haven't you guessed? ;)

Thank you for reading, and have a great weekend!

XO Sushmitha :)

                        Sweatshirt: c/o Liberty Sage 

                        Ripped Jeans: c/o Wellbinder LA (currently on sale for <$50!)

                        Sunglasses: H&M

                        Earrings: c/o Mint & Lolly

                        Bag: Amazon 

                        Shoes: Talbots (Thrifted)