(faux) Suede Floral Coat

When Punxsatawney Phil rejects your hand of friendship and dashes your hopes of a short winter, you look to your closet for nuclear options. Enter the statement coat! I'm not usually in the practice of placing my faith in furry non-rodent mammals , but you gotta do what you gotta do when you're four months into a northeast winter. ;) 

It's no secret that no matter the season, I'm a sucker for cheery floral prints! This faux-suede coat perfectly fits that bill (literally too, for under $65!). Wear it now over a basic turtleneck + jeans combo and wear it later over that spring staple of a LWD or an LBD!

Thank you for reading and have a fun weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                     Coat: c/o VIPme ($65 + use code Sushmitha434 to get %5 off of $50)

                     Sweater: Fashionmia (<$18)

                     Jeans: Forever 21 (Similar here)

                     Sunglasses: Firmoo (Similar here)

                     Bag: Louis Vuitton (Thrifted!!)

                     Shoes: Moddeals (Love this pair)