Summer Sweater

You know those sudden fixations that develop without you knowing it? Well, murals have been that fixation with me lately. My eyes keep scanning the roads wherever I go for interesting street art, all thanks to a good fifteen minutes of some wait time between experiments in lab that I spent this past weekend staring at Banksy graffiti pictures on the internet, that have subconsciously never left since. Why and how I happened upon this completely random pastime amidst such distractions as Pinterest, I will never know. But it did bring to mind this parking lot in downtown Buffalo at the normally mentally exhausting time of location scouting for a blog shoot, so I suppose I have that to thank those fifteen minutes for! But now that I think about it, doesn't most graffiti (Except the anti-social, often overly politically intended kind, of course.) add such character to our neighborhoods? A little research on this cool mural that I see all the time on our drives downtown, and I found out that it's called 'Resting Lion' and is one of the oldest and most iconic in the city! Originally placed as an ad, the faded and chipped paint with the exposed brick make for such antiquated charm, I think. Where better to share my latest and best new discovery than here with you guys, right?! :) #Buffalove 

There can't be talk of Buffalo without talk of the weather, can there? As generous as the Sun has been these past few weeks, there are always days when I'm a little bit chilly, and a summer version of a sweater comes to mind. Specifically, something like this embroidered floral front and light Adrianna Papell sweater (currently available at Nordstrom) comes to mind! I wore the boat neck more like the currently popular off shoulder style that I've been obsessed with, but you could just as well not and still look pretty as a Daisy. :) 

As always, thank you for reading!
XO Sushmitha :)

                              Sweater: c/o Adrianna Papell

                              Pants: Forever 21 

                              Sunglasses: H&M (Similar here)

                              Rings: H&M (Love this set)

                              Bag: Amazon (Similar here)

                              Shoes: Payless (Similar here