Transition Part II: Summer Dress + Utility Jacket

TransitionII 1

Gosh, this week has been a long one, hasn't it? My attempts to cut down on my caffeine intake aren't helping either. But with plans of apple-picking, heavy Indian cooking (Happy Navratri to all my Indian readers!) and some much needed B&W movie watching with the hubs, I couldn't be happier it's Friday.

In the second part of the transition series, I'm styling a summer essential- the little floral dress, with a fall essential- the utility jacket. You may remember this earlier post in which I repeatedly called the LFD a wardrobe essential, and I'm saying so again, albeit this time of year, it is usually a much less colorful and much more moodier one in keeping with a darker color palette for Fall and Winter. The utility jacket has always been a part of my wardrobe.. It's a chic layering piece that's perfect for brisk early fall days. Although I consider it a closet staple, I've definitely had to work on styling it in more ways than one. While I love the effortless look of throwing it on over a tee + pants combo, versatility is an absolute requirement for anything I own, so the dress + jacket combo is a welcome go-to on days when I have a little more time to dress.

TransitionII 2

Paired with dark lips and pops of leopard, the outfit came together with little trying. Speaking of effortless, imagine my glee when we stepped out of our home on this day to find the sprinklers on in their full glory, turning the front yard into our own personal dancing fountain photoshoot backdrop! Gotta love long hose pipes! 

TransitionII 3
TransitionII 4
TransitionII 5
TransitionII 6
TransitionII 7
TransitionII 8

I stumbled upon these Kenneth Cole cognac brown heels with laser cut detailing recently when helping a friend shop for formal shoes at DSW, for just $10! So if you're in the market for neutral heels, I suggest you hurry to your nearest store!

That's it for today, folks! If you need me this weekend, I'll be tankin' up on apple cider and crushing on Jimmy Stewart.

Have a fun weekend, and thank you for reading!

XO Sushmitha :)

                                  Dress: H&M (Love this one)

   Utility Jacket: Boutique in Downtown LA (Similar here. Petites, this option is available in XXS.)

                                     Belt: Gift (Similar multi-toned belt here)

                                    Bag: Amazon (Adore this one)

                                 Shoes: Unlisted by Kenneth Cole ($50 online, only $10 in-store!)