Words Have Power

Words have power 1

It's not too often that I become pensive and reflect on life and such, the Type B with minimal over-thinking capacity that I am, but it sure has happened more than usual since I started this little blog of mine. As much as I love the creative release of fashion, my Friday evenings are sometimes lost between appreciation of the fabulous content from my favorite bloggers that week and Instagramming one last time for the week. And after eight hours of science-related assault, my brain sometimes gives up quicker than it should. Which is when, I have decided from now on, I will change into this perfect sweatshirt, put away my phone and let Kushal bully me into watching nightmare-inducing episodes of True Detective. Because those four words, 'Accept more, Judge less', are the perfect reminder to stop being the harshest judge of my own self and just be, something we all need to be reminded of once in a while.

Words have power 2
Words have power 3

Before I bore your socks off with my oh-so-profound reflections, I have to tell you about LeMotto, the brand behind this sweatshirt and so many more amazing tees and sweaters. LeMotto is the sweet Vaiana Attinger's baby. . a powerful brand that uses fashion to promote positivity and important life lessons through well-chosen, effective words. Changing the world one statement tee at a time? A woman after my own heart! True to LeMotto's tagline, 'Because Words Do Have Power', 10% of the company's profits are allocated to anti-bullying efforts through The Bully Project. Head on over and treat yourself to one of these insanely comfy sweaters or one of them cool graphic tees.. you won't regret it! :)

Words have power 4

By the way, how back-to-school appropriate is this outfit?! Complete with a cap and everything! All I need is a locker to stash away my camera and photographer. ;)

Words have power 5
Words have power 6

While my outfit is simple and typical in my books for a busy early Fall day spent running errands or shopping, cute accessories can take it up one notch effortlessly. Pops of red with a functional bag and a red lip, and a cap in Fall-appropriate textures (such as crochet in mine) add interest and pull the outfit together.

Words have power 7

Here's to more acceptance and less judging, of others and ourselves!

Happy Friday, have a great weekend and thank you for reading!

XO Sushmitha :)

                                                   Sweatshirt: c/o LeMotto

                                                            Skirt: Thrifted (Similar here)

                                                         Shoes: Nine West (Similar here)

                                                            Bag: H&M (Love this satchel for Fall)

                                                            Cap: Handmade from a flea market (Love this option)