Bodycon + Blazer

Bodycon 1

If you've noticed that my normally frequent online presence has dwindled in the past week, I've been a busy bee welcoming my dear husband back home (34 days apart? Never again.), chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is successful science and managing my freshly cut bangs. Bangs are hard work, Y'all. Only the encouraging comments on my Instagram are keeping me from bobby pinning the crap out of them. While I love the change, I don't appreciate the lightning speed at which my hair is growing. . soon, I'll be the clumsy and blind girl.

My hair situation aside, I'm sharing my standard simple look for date night as we head into Fall and the nights get progressively cooler. A dress that makes me feel good, a neutral blazer to layer on when it gets cold and a pair of good lookin' heels to turn some heads in! A printed bodycon dress is perfect for so many reasons if you're petite like me. . the stretch hugs your figure to accentuate the shape of the body, while the prints hide small imperfections effortlessly. Needless to say, the dress is easy to wear as a top under a skirt or as a skirt under a top, making it versatile and fun to style in so many different ways.

Bodycon 5.JPG
Bodycon 3

See how I've thrown on the blazer over my shoulders without actually wearing it?? Well, that's apparently a trend and it's called Shoulder Robing. Not to make fun of it, but who knew that retrospectively, I was so trendy when I was ten and shoulder robing every piece of outerwear I ever owned?! #Iwasbornlikethis  Enter present day and with my favorite pair of rockstuds in the mix, I'm still shoulder robin' it like a boss! ;)                          

Bodycon 4
Bodycon 5
Bodycon 6
Bodycon 7

What's your go-to date night look in the Fall? Make sure you try some shoulder robing! :)

Have a great week, and thank you reading!

XO Sushmitha

                                         Dress: Wet Seal (Love this, this and this one)

                                         Blazer: H&M (Similar here)

                                         Clutch: Tory Burch (Similar here)

                                        Shoes: GoJane (Similar here)

                                         Rings: H&M (Similar here)