Fancy Pants

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Summer and pants just don't go together in my books. After five days of relatively uninteresting work wear ('No pants, No Science', say the multiple notices in my building.), I'm usually picking out the most fun, non-pant pieces in my closet on the weekends. But one has to make exceptions for some fancy pants. I mean.. red silk, excessively tasseled, pockets.. the works. Not only do they look like seriously fancy schmancy-fied pajamas, they also feel as comfy and light. So speaking from experience, I can now say that I simply love the Soft Pants variation to the lately burgeoning trend of fun summer pants! Think jogger, palazzo, printed, colored.. the options are endless, some more of which I hope to showcase here on my little blog in the near future.

Soft pants and shorts have been a rage this Spring/Summer, with solid and printed options available aplenty. Popular for their comfort factor, they are so easy to style! Best when worn high-waisted with a fun top or a crop top, they can be dressed up (like in my outfit) or dressed down for any warranted occasion. I styled printed soft shorts in an earlier post, but couldn't resist these bright red tasseled pants on sale recently at H&M.

Fancy Pants 2
Fancy Pants 3

As promised, here is my second contribution to the topic of florals. Co-incidentally, this floral slip tank is also from H&M (How great was their 4th of July sale?! This tank was $4!).  Hey, a small infusion of flowery goodness never hurt anyone!

Fancy Pants 4
Fancy Pants 4
Fancy Pants 7

Anyone that knows me well knows that I'm the laziest when it comes to hair and makeup! So the fact that I braided this one braid and made the slightest effort with my hair hopefully means I'm on the road to official blogger status, right? Maybe? ;)

Fancy Pants 8
Fancy Pants 7
Fancy Pants 10

                                                Top: H&M (Similar here)

                                              Pants: H&M (Still in stores, Similar here)

                                                Bag: H&M

                                          Sandals: Nine West (Thrifted) (Similar Here)

Thank you for reading, and have a great week!

XO Sushmitha :)