Sweatpants & Stilettos

My second day back at work after a month long vacation, and I'm coping by revisiting my Indian vacation in today's blog post. (And all of the coffee, of course!) You may remember that I spent most of December in India where my substitute photographer for the month- my darling sister- and I blogged our way through the crowded streets and pretty parks of Bangalore. (Here's this, this, this, and this post for reference. ;)) I'm finally getting around to posting the last of those posts today after a slew of holiday-themed posts, and will be following up soon with some fun outfits worn on my little beach vacation to Goa, so stay tuned! Disclaimer for today's post: Bear with me if you're tired of holiday festivities.. these photos were shot in early December at the peak of holiday decor retail!

Today's outfit is a super casual look consisting of every girl's favorite pair of bottoms and fun accessories. Feminine pieces, such as this polka dotted neck tie blouse and sleek black stilettos, can polish up even the most relaxed pieces, such as the super old pair of sweatpants/joggers that I borrowed from my sister's sleepwear closet. Add a fun embroidered clutch into the mix, and sweatpants are suddenly chic! 

We shot these photos in Jayanagar's shopping center, a local market that is almost synonymous with all of my childhood and adolescent life. It's a wonderful, noisy world where a colorful roof of flowers and lights and shiny things meets smiling faces, fragrant spices, hagglers' shouts and the prettiest rainbow of bangles you ever saw. The poor lighting was daunting in the absence of Kushal's expert photography advice, but we tried our best as I coudn't resist shooting in the vibrant corner market that was my training ground as an early shopper. ;)

That's it for today, folks! How would you style loungewear? I'd love to know! 

Have a great week, and thank you for reading!

XO Sushmitha :)

                        Top: Borrowed from sister (Love this one for <$15)

                        Pants: Borrowed from sister (Similar here)

                        Clutch: Local Indian market (Similar here)

                        Shoes: Nine West (Love this pair)