Jogger Pants

Jogger Pants 1

Remember this post when I pledged to introduce you to the many varied kinds of summery fancy pants? After silk pants and this post on printed pants, I'm bringing you the less fancy, more AWESOME jogger pants. You're thinking of the slouchy sweats you used to wear to the gym that now make for heavenly lounging partners at home? The same, but very much upgraded.  Think skinny jean cuteness but without having to lose the belt around lunchtime. Yes? Thought so.

The jogger pants merit list is very long, you guys. Definitely have to start with the comfort factor, since its basically wearing sweatpants. A close second comes how forgiving they are on any body type.. while the typical skinny jean neither adds or takes away from your legs, joggers can add substance to skinny legs and lend structure to those needing some. They are super versatile.. totally downtown cool with sneakers and a tee, classy uptown chic with heels and a clutch. Importantly for those of us living in the polar cap come November, joggers can work through most seasons. Knit joggers are trending majorly this fall and winter! 

Jogger Pants 2
Jogger Pants 3
Jogger Pants 4

While the typical jogger pants are made of knits in solid colors, the summer set includes prints, patterns and textures such as leather or lace. I'm obsessed with the abstract brush stroke pattern on the pair I'm wearing.. so many color pairings to play around with! But of course, since I'm never getting off the cobalt blue wave. . .

Jogger Pants 5
Jogger Pants 6
Jogger pants 7
Jogger Pants 8
Jogger Pants 9

Ready to jump on the stylish sweats bandwagon? :)

XO Sushmitha :)

                                      Top: Forever 21 (Adore this blouse)

                                   Pants: Local boutique (Love this and this, and this pair for Fall)

                                  Shoes: Nine West (Thrifted) (Similar here)

                                      Bag: Amazon (Similar here)