Zebras 1

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today, I'm on the trip of a lifetime. The kind that involves LED lights, blurred (un)realities and neon zebra habitats. Rest your fears, its only the heady mix of imagination and fashion that I'm tripping on, also known as Imagishion to those prone to making words up like me. Because there's gotta be a word to describe the talents of the creator of the psychedelic funky little number that's the star of the show today.

If you don't already know, I'm the biggest endorser of quirky, whimsical pieces that add personality and character to the wardrobe (Remember this post?), so I didn't need much convincing to add this neon zebra-print skirt to my collection. If Disney addicts like me (#Disneybabyforever ) can relate, I saw my Winnie the Pooh Heffalump and Dumbo Pink Elephants on Parade fantasies taking form in fabric. . . And that's quite enough reason to obsess over it for now. ;)

Zebras 2
Zebras 3
Zebras 4
Zebras 5

I won this skirt in a bidding war on eBay! While eBay auctions are most often too overwhelming for me, I do love finding unique pieces, many a times handmade, and having the opportunity to bid, and win it, for very affordable prices. When I do find something I really love that could potentially fit my budget, I use the 'sniping' tactic to snag the item. This basically means that I'm the cunning fox that lurks silently until the very last seconds, when I outbid the comfortably smug fool that thought they won the bid (Gotcha, different-time-zoners!). It takes patience and the wait does not always have a happy ending, but I did get this handmade, custom-fit skirt for $10, so I'd call it a win. So my Point Penny-Wise for today is to spend the time researching on eBay.. treasure hunts are never not fun! :)

Zebras 5

Some subtle Pattern Mixing to add more interest to the outfit (Not that it needed any, but twice the print, twice the fun!). This was my first crop top buy ever from good ol' Forever 21, and I have found the polka dots on the slightly edgy silhouette of the top to be quite versatile. As is the rule for any loose or flared bottom, a fitted top is a must for structure, and I love that the peekaboo cutout neck detail breaks the otherwise boxy fit of the top.

Zebras 6
Zebras 8
Zebras 9

As always, thank you for reading and have a great week!

XO Sushmitha :)

                                               Skirt: eBay (Different seller) (Adore this giraffe print dress!)

                                       Crop Top: Forever 21 (Similar here)

                                            Shoes: Forever 21 (Similar here)

                                            Clutch: From India (Similar here)